Weekend of Good Karma

Cribbageland experienced quite a bit this weekend.

Rebel Rebel

First and foremost, it was David Bowie’s birthday on Saturday. St. Paul’s radio station 89.3 The Current played a fantastic 64 straight Bowie songs; all afternoon book work ground to a halt. I love Bowie. I have an orange kitty named Bowie. I have a stylized poster of the movie Labyrinth in my living room, for God’s sake. I love the songs; I love the spoofs; I love the style. “Do you have one sequined jumpsuit, Bowie, or many ch-ch-changes?” Incredible.

On the eve of Bowie’s birthday, however, I found myself on the couch. I was finalizing my itinerary for the next day’s trip to Mt. Holly, MN, the state’s (and possibly nation’s?) smallest geopolitically recognized town, population four. There I met Mayor Mike Haeg, famous for many reasons, but the good mayor has contributed something totally unique to Cribbageland; the world’s largest cribbage board, drilled through the ice of Medicine Lake, MN, in January 2009.

The man, the legend, the mayor of Mt. Holly, MN...Mike Haeg

That’s right. Largest cribbage board. Through the ice. Minnesota. In January.

As part of a local tri-weekend art crawl, Mike and several other artists drilled 244 holes using a 5-ft. auger (to the layperson, that’s the minimum number of cribbage holes for a complete game using each hole once). Each hole was 10 feet apart per Minnesota DNR regulations. The walking distance of the game was approximately 3.5 km, and each game took 2 – 3 hours. A small table was carried from hole to hole using clothes pins to secure the cards against the wind and elements. Each peg was five feet long and weighed about 18 pounds. There’s much to share, so look for another Mt. Holly update soon.

But a few favorite songs coupled with a game of cribbage with Mike isn’t enough to constitute a “Good Karma Weekend” alone, so here’s what else happened (I’m not one to look for signs, but hey, there it is):

  • On Friday night, as I had a beer and readied the itinerary, The Green Mile was on TV. I un-muted the boob tube just as Tom Hanks tells some of the guards to “go on back to your cribbage game!”
  • After the Hanks-cribbage-continuum-mind-warp, an artist from Washington State got back to me after I cold-emailed him about the project. He’s ready for an interview!
  • And today, my buddy Ben posted photos from Savoonga, Alaska. Savoonga is a small town on the island of St. Lawrence off the western Alaskan coastline. As the self-proclaimed Walrus Capital of the World, it’s also home to a man named Carl who carves boards out of female walrus tusks and sells them to the tune of about $5,000. He’s next.

Like I said…good karma. Peg hard, citizens of Cribbageland!


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