Tournament Jitters

ACC #MN-1694 is ready to go

Tomorrow is my first sanctioned cribbage tournament under the jurisdiction of the American Cribbage Congress. Some people think basketball when they hear ‘ACC.’ Others think football. Me?

That’s cribbage, baby.

Big Tim and Michelle came down for the weekend. Should I play my father and beat him tomorrow, the bragging rights will be nothing short of unprecedented. We’ll be playing at West Side Lanes in St. Paul, a bowling alley and restaurant. I didn’t find a website for the locale, but I did find a few reviews via amorphous map-and-review sites; by most accounts it’s a pretty decent place, although one keen anonymous contributor opined, “the kids won’t enjoy this place very much because of the crowd,” so I’m wondering what “the crowd” is. Hopefully my crowd.

Practice with Big Tim

I’m physically ready, mentally prepared. We’ve gone over protocol, discussed the format of the thing (14 games, top 25% move to the finals, etc.), and anticipate a pretty good time. Having never played a tournament, though, I have no idea if the general atmosphere will be anything like typical 9-game grassroots league play. Big Tim and I played a few warm-up games to which I emerged the victor, 2-1, with a skunk in the books. If fathers are determined to have their sons best them in success, accolades, love, life, and beyond, you better sit me in a jet, fly a banner behind me citing “mission accomplished,” and I’ll give you the thumbs-up sign all day long. Just kidding.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I”ll document it as much as propriety (and bragging rights) allow.

What was YOUR last cribbage tournament like?


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