Layover at LAX

We’ve been delayed at LAX for 2 hours, but it’s not all bad–we left freezing temperatures to arrive to a balmy 71 degrees, which may as well be something like science fiction when your windows at home have been freezing during February in Minnesota.

Big Tim and I pulled up to Gladstone’s airport restaurant for a beer, and had we known the flight was delayed before we b-lined for the bar, we may have had some fish n’ chips or other salty airport food to hold us over. I’ve used this time to get some reading done, but also to investigate the closest In N Out Burger to our hotel–no less than 5 miles away! So, for our more traveled readers–

Whaddya think? Should we hitch a cab once during the next 5 days to In N Out Burger? Is it worth it? “Mmm,” Jules says in Pulp Fiction, describing the In N Out substitute, “this IS a tasty burger!”


One thought on “Layover at LAX

  1. So worth it! Get the double-double animal style for me, and since you don’t get there often, get yourself a chocolate shake, you deserve it (Tami recommends the neopolitin shake instead). However, just remember, it is called In ‘n Out burger for a reason……….

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