MRP Wednesday

Finally, a winning night

As Cribbageland readers know, I did not do well in Reno; 22 points with a -48 spread. I must have learned something, though, because my first Wednesday back I had one of the top scorecards in Grassroots play. I finished Wednesday night with 12 points over 6 wins and no skunks (it was a small showing). Two games I won by pegging out when it mattered against the pone. Truly, though, I should have had 14.

Game 5 was a bad loss. With little less than a dozen points each to win, Steve played an 8 while I held an 8 and 9. Instead of looking at his cards (15-2 and a run for 3, 5 total) and realizing he wasn’t out without pairs royal, I experienced a bit of cribbage tunnel vision and foolishly played my 8 to avoid opening a run (to which he couldn’t have won with anyway). Steve played pairs royal for 6 and a go for 7, counted his meager hand and beat me. What an asinine way to lose!

But all was not lost; I even sported the would-be lucky Twins Hat and Curling Hoodie, renewing my faith in their power to control the cut. I lost my next two games, but bounced back in games eight and nine. In one hand I kept 4466, hoped for a gut-shot 5, and lo! So it was cut.

We congratulated Dan Taylor, our local league rep, who took 2nd in the Tournament of Champions in Reno, losing by mere pips to Lynn Gillespie (WA). Dan was my second opponent on Wednesday, and only when the pegs are dire does he resort to The Swirl (Clockwise or Counter), mixing the cards with a goofy grin on his face. We all have our talismans; mine was a little stronger on Wednesday.

What’s your cribbage charm? A hat? Custom pegs? Something like The Swirl?


2 thoughts on “MRP Wednesday

  1. I wouldike to suggest the book “Miracles on Fourth Street” by Dan Barlow. It helps you think through situations like the one you described where you were in position to win a game but paired the guys 8, thus giving him the game. When you start playing for money and points those games are crutial. In game points that is a 4 point swing.That’s huge! I remember one tournament outing where I lost 2 games by a point apiece. Had I won those games I would have earned $400. Instead I got nothing. There isn’t much difference in no money and some money. Luck plays such a big part in cribbage and there is nothing you can do about that . Therefore you have to control the things that are within your power to control.


    • Shawn,

      Great to hear from you. I do in fact have that book, as well as a few others on strategy–ordered everything I could to see what else was out there. I’m looking forward to speaking with you more!

      Cheers, Jordan.

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