February Poll Results

The Widowmaker

February poll results are in! When asked if Cribbageland readers have ever seen the 29 hand, the response was more curious than I thought it would be:

1/3 (33%) of readers have been dealt the big one, which is much higher than I thought. I’ve never even seen it, much less dealt it. You lucky ducks!

Another 1/3 (33%) of readers have never been dealt 29, which does not surprise me. I’m in this group. I would think most people are, but hey, Cribbageland readers aren’t most people.

A whopping 27% of readers have both dealt it and been dealt it, which really blows my Swedish-Italian hair back! With odds of ~216,000 to 1 of seeing this massive hand, I’m amazed that almost as many have done both as have done one or the other.

Last, that leaves a lowly 7% of readers who have only dealt it. Stick a fork in them, they’re done!


What’s your 29 story?


2 thoughts on “February Poll Results

  1. Wes,

    Thanks for stopping by, and that is an amazing story! I was in Reno a few weeks ago and dealt my buddy Howard a 28, and near the end of the tournament he was dealt ANOTHER one. Not the same as your story…but close!

    I’d keep those cards framed too. Hope to hear from you again.

  2. We play a non-grass roots 7-game cribbage tournament every Monday night in Rapid City, SD using ACC rules. While playing with Ron Hopp in June, 1992, I cut a 5 of hearts giving him a 29 hand. Playing each other just two months later, he cut a 5 of spades giving me a 29 hand. Those odds must be off the chart. That has been my only 29 hand which I kept and framed.

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