Cribbage on Twitter

Cribbage on Twitter is funny

Though over 400 years old, one of the most exciting aspects of this curious game is how new media like Facebook, Twitter and blogging give the game a whole new agency. There are several cribbage groups on Facebook–if you’re a member, check ’em out! You can access the general interest page or see what’s happening on’s Facebook site.

I think Twitter is where it’s at, though–the online chat about cribbage is funny. You could do a lot worse than seeing who is saying what about the game. And cribbage players are social, right? Say hi when you feel comfortable. Which leads me to this:

Starting the hashtag/conversation #cribbagetweetoftheday. When I see good ones, I’ll schedule them for future retweets (essentially a copy-and-paste for non-Twitter folks). Every few weeks I’ll post the best ones here. Check back soon or follow me on Twitter!




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