Memorial Day Chances

A chance for 29!

Just a quick post here. Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend. I spent most of it reading (finishedFire Season), relaxing and continuing to teach a little crib strategy to Rachel (my better half), seen here. After a sweltering day of humidity and intermittent showers, the breeze picked up and the evening cooled, inviting a few hours’ leisure on the porch. We poured a drink, enjoyed some homemade guacamole- and tabasco-soaked beef nachos, and whipped out the cribbage board. On one our last games, I just about jumped off the porch after seeing what I dealt Rachel.

She had the chance for 29! I dealt her the jack of spades and the three off-suit cards needed. As the odds of scoring 29 are about 1 in 216,000 or so, and I’ve never dealt it nor been dealt it, this was the closest either of us have been to it. We held our breath as the cards were cut–and not to be! An 8 showed up. Though she didn’t get a chance to count her 14 because I snuck out, it was still a great moment for us both and a wonderful way to help wrap up the weekend. She announced “I’m ready to start the lifetime count!” so we  dealt one more game.

1-0, Rachel’s lead.

PS–if you’re feeling generous, please share, vote, contribute, or simply say hi during next week’s Northern Spark event in the Twin Cities. I’ll be up all night playing cribbage in St. Paul, raising money for a local charity. Details here.


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