Cribbage in the Field

Get Skunked at Open Field

Like art? Like cribbage? Like them at a world-renowned museum? Join us on August 20!

Hot on the tail of Northern Spark, it’s Cribbage in the Field, a free, family-friendly, all ages cribbage extravaganza hosted by Walker Open Field at the Walker Center of Art in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bring a pic-i-nic basket, blanket, your lucky cribbage pegs (or use ours), and get your Crib on!  Cribbage in the Field will feature hoards of boards and cards, an Art Board Show & Play, a free raffle for a custom cribbage board, cribbage stories, and more. This is a perfect alternative activity to the State Fair on an August afternoon, and an additional opportunity to check out the Eclectic Ensemble and the Walker Art Center. Learn, share, and play during Cribbage in the Field–we look forward to seeing you!

We here at Cribbageland are extremely excited about this opportunity. As a social game, cribbage fosters community and the boards are often custom-made, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. At Cribbage in the Field, you can expect:

  • Cribbage. Lots of cribbage.
  • A host of local artisans and their custom boards, sharing their stories and gunnin’ for skunks (maybe against you).
  • A hip, open, and inspiring community space next to the beautiful Walker Museum of Art.
  • A one-of-a-kind (and free) Walker Museum cribbage board giveaway–details soon!

We’ll continue to update this page as the event grows, but for now come find us on Facebook  or say hey on Twitter using #openfield, @walkerartcenter or @JordanWiklund–it will be an afternoon to remember!


Northern Spark Wrap-Up

The Art Shanties, Geodesic Dome, Art Car, and more

Northern Spark was fantastic. I joined the Art Shanty crowd in Lowertown, St. Paul, just outside of the farmer’s market parking lot. From sundown to sunrise, I was part of a small contingent of artists (as well as many festival goers) who didn’t sleep a wink from start to finish. Lowertown saw art cars, karaoke from inside the geodesic dome snapshot shanty, an ancient Viking yard game, a dance shanty, an all-night art swap assisted by the Girl Talk Sparkle Princess spin-art machine (seen after the link), the Pair-a-Dice shanties loaded to the brim with games and cards, dream interpretations and accompanying ambient music from the Black Dog Cafe, and enough caffeine for a mission to Mars.  At 3:45 AM the morning birds started chirping and we knew we’d make it to dawn.

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Northern Spark #3 & May Poll Results

Well, we didn’t get a lot of votes, but we do have some donors for a little cribbage charity!

Thanks to everyone who commented / contributed in any way. With two days left we’re a little under the goal, but we’ve got $160 more than we started with. I’ll continue to raise funds all Saturday night and fight away sleep in the company of friends and artists.

With about 41% of the vote, it looks like all funds raised will go to a local veteran’s charity of some sort. It looks like we’ll have great weather for a citywide all-nighter, so I should have much to share in the next few days to follow. Now taking suggestions for all-night energy drinks–one of the Art Shanty contributors mentioned it might be time to try a little Four Lokos; I’ve heard crazy stuff about this drink.

The poll for June is a twist on a common question: if you could play cribbage against anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? Cast your vote on the homepage.