Northern Spark #3 & May Poll Results

Well, we didn’t get a lot of votes, but we do have some donors for a little cribbage charity!

Thanks to everyone who commented / contributed in any way. With two days left we’re a little under the goal, but we’ve got $160 more than we started with. I’ll continue to raise funds all Saturday night and fight away sleep in the company of friends and artists.

With about 41% of the vote, it looks like all funds raised will go to a local veteran’s charity of some sort. It looks like we’ll have great weather for a citywide all-nighter, so I should have much to share in the next few days to follow. Now taking suggestions for all-night energy drinks–one of the Art Shanty contributors mentioned it might be time to try a little Four Lokos; I’ve heard crazy stuff about this drink.

The poll for June is a twist on a common question: if you could play cribbage against anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? Cast your vote on the homepage.



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