Walker Board is Here

The Ultra Limited Edition Walker Art Board -- Get Skunked!

The Walker Board is here!

You can find it under glass at the Walker Gift Shop until Cribbage in the Field on Saturday, August 20, when we’ll be giving it away as part of a free raffle, at a free event, at a world-renowned museum.

The board comes to Minnesota from the workshop of David Oakes, a full-time craftsman in the northern woods of Idaho. The diameter of the board measures about 15 inches long with a circumference of about 45 inches. It’s one-and-a-half inches thick. It’s big. It’s beautiful. It’s free!

Tab & Pegs

The back of the board features a soldered “1 of 1” limited edition stamp, while an inlaid dark wood tab holds 8 bronze pegs. We hope this is just one of many highlights during Cribbage in the Field. After my stop at Otter’s Saloon on Saturday, I found Scott Artley, Open Field Coordinator, outside an Open Field yoga class that had relocated indoors due to the stifling heat. Scott used to play with his grandmother, and has been a huge help and enthusiastic ally in the planning process.

We hope you can join us during Cribbage in the Field. Join the conversation on our Facebook event page, or say hey on Twitter using #openfield, @WalkerArtCenter or @JordanWiklund.


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