Cribbage in the Field Update

We’ve added one more crib-world entity to the lineup! Joining us at Cribbage in the Field will be Tony Nelson, creator of a fantastic variation of the game known as CrossCribb. Voted by the Chicago Tribune as one of the top 10 new card/board games a few years back, CrossCribb “uses conventional cribbage scoring rules as you try to build five high scoring cribbage hands while simultaneously sabotaging your opponents’ hands.”

As variations go, it works well; anyone familiar with the basic rules of cribbage will immediately understand how CrossCribb works. Played on a 5×5 grid, players take turns drawing one card at a time and laying it onto the grid; one players score vertically, the other horizontally, so players must keep a keen eye on the scoreboard as both competitors try for the best hands while sabotaging their opponents’. CrossCribb is a fantastic addition to our Open Field event!

Hope you can make it!


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