“15-2; Take Off Your Clothes!”

You know what it's called.

This form of cribbage is generally frowned upon in public, competitive play. In private, however, it may be a different story. The Superbowl. The World Series. The Stanley Cup Playoffs.

And Strip Cribbage.

My little story is very short. My mother told me that she and my father played strip cribbage on their honeymoon. They played when we kids were young, but then stopped or went onto poker with friends. I never learned to play. I guess I was too young when they played. But their old cribbage board is still around here somewhere even though they are not.

Pamela P.

I think the point of Pamela’s story is that through cribbage, the picture of family emerges.

Even if that picture is, well, your parents naked.


2 thoughts on ““15-2; Take Off Your Clothes!”

  1. My good buddy and I have some related cribbage data that you may not have run accross yet and may find interesting. Included may be some related card playing phrases, most of which are clean.

    • Shit and two is eight and farts a dozen. Just a sample. And I have data records of several thousand games if anyone is interested in statistics.

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