Back in the Ring


This weekend marks my return to the competitive cribbage circus circuit.

Work and school have kept me away for quite some time. About 6 weeks ago I emailed Dan Taylor, the ACC rep for my club (the Twin City Peggers), and told him “say hey to everyone, I’ll see you when I see you,” as my Wednesday nights are booked solid with grad school this semester, and I’ve been unable to join the club I’ve come to know over the past year. I couldn’t make it to Reno; I couldn’t even make it to the January St. Paul snowball.

This weekend, though, the Capital City tournament is just a few miles down the highway, and I’m all-in. Friday night tournament: 9 games. Main Saturday event: 22 games. Saturday night tournament: 9 games. Sunday: unknown. 40 games minimum–that’s a lot of time hunched over a board in another no-trump hotel conference room, a weekend lost counting to 15, to 31, lost to moving pegs, lost to small-talk, no-talk, trash-talk, bravado and humility in equal measure. That’s a lot of time lost to playing a game. 

But I’m not the only one, thankfully. Though I qualified for the bracket rounds (top 25%) in my first tournament ever, I’ve been unable to re-create that success everywhere else, and I go to Woodbury with a deplorable tournament record. To win, or at least do well, would be great. To come one step closer to figuring out why we do it would be even better. Stay tuned.


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