Game of Thrones

I’ll admit, when I received an email titled “PORTA POTTY CRIBBAGE”–just like that, in all capitals–I was a little skeptical at first. Len’s story soon won me over, though–read more below. (Up at the hunting shack, we have many euphemisms for ‘toilet’–throne is just one of ’em. You’ll see.)



Cribbage in Canada

The Beaver, ready to fly

A short while ago, I was contacted by the Pigeon Flyer, a blog out of Omemee, Ontario, to offer something about cribbage. Here it is.

It is not easy to get to a remote cabin on Whitewater Lake, Ontario, deep in the heart of the Wabakimi Provincial Park wilderness. From Omemee, you might drive northwest about 1400 km on Trans-Canadian Highway 11 to a tiny little town named Armstrong. The more scenic route–Trans-Canadian Highway 17–veers northwest as well, but you’d pass through Sudbury, Sault St. Marie and Thunder Bay, kissing the northern shores of Lakes Huron and Superior, and the route is about 180 km longer. Either way, you’d need an outfitter from Armstrong to fly you another 60 km north, skimming the treetops and flirting with the early Canadian sunrise, at least if you want to fish that day. I have made this journey, albeit from Duluth, MN, not Omemee, Ontario. As we were a group of seven, we split the trip in two beaver seaplanes; the larger otters, with their longer fuselage and more impressive wingspan, were already away.
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Cribbage in the Armed Forces

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard

I’m excited and proud to begin work on the “Cribbage in the Armed Forces” chapter of Cribbageland. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a few active and veteran warriors–some young, some not-so-young–about how the game has informed and impacted their lives while serving for our country. From bunkers to battle cruisers, I’ve heard amazing stories and seen amazing photos of some 15-2 combat, both on and off the cribbage board.

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