Highlights, endorsements, press, and more

On March 18, 2012, I joined the podcast and website Game Night Guys for a little cribbage know-how. Listen to the podcast here.


On November 27, 2011 (my golden birthday), the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper ran a story on the burgeoning book and its genesis. I’ve reposted the full text here in case the link expires.

Spike Carlsen, award-winning author of A Splintered History of Wood, on Cribbageland:

“Wiklund weaves a tale that even non-cribbage players will find fascinating. Cribbageland explores the origins of the game, visits its most colorful characters, and pegs its way through the world championships. It provides a curious look at a most curious game.”

I was happy to conduct a brief interview with Thomas MacDonald, Editor-at-Large of Games magazine and founder of the State of Play blog. We shared a few words about “the greatest two-hander in the entire catalog of card games, no question.” Click here to read the whole interview.


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