Jordan Who?

Jordan Wiklund lives and writes in St. Paul, MN. Currently scribbling through an MFA at Hamline University, he grew up in the frigid tundra of Duluth, MN, and harbors a fierce pride of his northern hometown. He made his way to Luther College in Decorah, IA, and will someday make his way back, answering the call of the Upper Iowa River Valley and the free peanuts at T-Bock’s.

Wiklund has, among other endeavors, tended bar, built houses, written freelance, and crafted Broker Price Opinions for a national realty company.  He contends that curling is a full-contact sport and maintains a deplorable record in the American Cribbage Congress. Cribbageland is his first book. He’s been double skunked just once, but once is enough.


11 thoughts on “Jordan Who?

  1. Jordan, I think I have someone who could add quite a bit of historical Cribbage information from World War II. His name is Doug Johnson and his uncle I believe played 10,000 Cribbage games during the war and still has all of the records for those games. (There is one perfect score in all of those games.) I thought of you as some as I read your article in the paper.
    If you would like to follow this story here is Doug’s # 763-232-0119.
    Tell him Koz got a hold of you.

  2. Jordan,
    I was just paging thru my Aug, 2011 copy of Cribbage World when I happened across your article “Notes from Cribbageland”. I am a member of the Cribbage Board Collector’s Society, a player, a Minnesota native and a resident of Iowa – so you got my attention on many fronts. I am anticipating going to the “Cribbage in the Field” event at the Walker Art center on the 20th. While reading about that, I noticed you planned to be at Hobo Days in Britt this weekend – 20 miles from my home. I have some other plans part of this weekend, but might swing over there on Friday or Sunday. Will you be there?
    Anyway, thank you for your part in promoting the game of cribbage – I hope to meet up with you soon.

  3. Hi Jordan, You delt me the 28, thanks again. That was the hi-lite of the Reno trip. Your scorecard was better than mine. Nice work on your website. and hoping it gets bigger. -keep on pegging- HP

  4. Jordan:

    Glad I stumbled onto your site. I’m in a D3 club in Tempe. We usually have fourty or more players at our club sessions and I’m always the youngest by far at 41. Just joined the ACC in January 2010 and am having way too much fun playing this game.

    I run the club website (, check it out if you get a chance.

    Am Scottsdalecrib on e-cribbage, but I don’t get to play online too often with work and school. I’m hoping to hit the e-cribbage meetup at Reno.

    Will check back to cribbageland regularly.

    • Thanks for the kind words again, Brion–

      Thanks for stumbling into Cribbageland. I’m also having too much fun between work and school, and am also the youngest regular player at my club. I’ll link to your site shortly from the sidebar; I’m still tweaking this thing as I go. Hope to catch you in Reno!

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